Thursday, 16 July 2009

Gluten Free en Paris; C'est pas possible, non?

Mais oui, c'est vrai!

Enough of the franglais now. It is true, the notoriously coeliac unfriendly French do indeed have their first gluten free restaurant in Paris. Hoorah! It's called Des Di et Des Mets, and is up near the fashionable Monmarte district.

I've not been yet, but I thought it was definitely worth a post in case any of you coeliacs find yourself up a french creek without a gluten free paddle, so to speak.

If anyone's been, please let me know what it's like!


  1. I had the opportunity to eat gluten free food in that restaurant in Paris! For lunch, dinner et brunch. The food is really good. Go and enjoy!
    For those who read French, you can read the article I wrote in my blog "Ma Cuisine sans Gluten"
    Natacha, Paris, France

  2. Unfortunately this restaurant closed last year but now we have a new one in Paris called "Helmut Newcake". You can read all about it here :) Delicious and very successful! Let's hope it encourages others to open up new GF restaurants in Paris because we are very far behind compared to the UK :(

  3. There is another one in Paris called Noglu as well. I'm going to be trying them both out this weekend.