Monday 13 July 2009

Carluccio's: Close but no dice

The poor folks at Carluccio's. They want to be friends of celiacs, but alas, have missed the point. Allow me to elaborate.

Imagine my excitement at seeing, underneath the pasta list, "Gluten Free Pasta on Request". Yippee! Then looking at all of the above pasta choices, my heart sank. Almost none of the sauces were gluten free! Redundant much? Bechamel sauce (the devil), Fried spinach balls (non gf), pre-prepared Lasagna, Italian sausage (flour in the sausage meat), Tortellini, gnocci, and ravioli!

I then ordered the grilled seabass with salsa verde and new potatoes, and when it arrived it had that distinctly golden crispy outer layer that comes from dusting it with flour prior to pan frying. One conversation with a grumpy waitress later, and it was confirmed to be wheat. I chowed down on the safe parma ham plate while another order was made. Put it on the menu people, put it on the menu. That's all I'm asking.

Speaking of, I did discover that their website has a gf menu (see, they are at least trying to be friends). As you can see the pasta section is limited- although not as much as on the normal menu, where pesto and tomato and basil sauces don't feature. Huh. I'll have to try to see if they can do that next time I'm there.

For the most part I stick with Carluccio's risottos, which are always gluten free. Definitely a place where you are forced to be the dreaded "pain-in-the-ass-celiac" (PITAC, as I call it). Always check in with the kitchen before ordering, despite the grumpy stares of the staff.

Gluten Friendliness: 5/10


  1. I find the one in Angel and Hampstead helpful. Just ask for the GF straight away. And occasionally they'll even do chicken afresh for me and add to the GF pasta. Not sure why they think coeliacs are also veggies! Do agree slow though and choices limited. Plus the GF meat is dodge as they just wipe the grill then do the gf meat. Surely some cross contamination there? I find if I go regularly they tend to remember you and it becomes easier. Wish they did GF beer and I didn't have to stare at all the bread and pannetones in the shop when eating though ; )

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  2. I'm working on the GF beer angle - I'm on a bit of a mission to get it into some of my locals (using Green's Pioneer Lager and Ale).

    Yes, I guess some Carluccios are going to be better than others.... but I do suspect cross contamination, although I'm not so sensitive I'd notice a miniscule amount... I just hate it when they use flour on grilled fish and meat!

  3. I went on Saturday. I ordered the gf spicy sausage dish. that night I had nasty tummy ache, bloated and now I have a migraine which I can't see any other triggers for. ?contamination? Frustrated as I asked waitress to check. Helen