Friday 5 August 2011

GF Cheap Eats: Stingray Cafe; Classic Italian Pizza... but gluten free!

We have another pizza place to add to the others. Hoorah! In the world of gluten free pizza, Otto's and Hell are being joined by the Stingray Cafe in Tufnell Park.

Remember when you would see a pizza place, casually stroll in, get a pizza with your favourite toppings and think nothing of it? Maybe grab it to takeaway if you didn't fancy eating in? It's like that! I haven't felt that normal in a long time. It's an unassuming cafe; simple, classic and with great pizza.

The gluten free base is perfect - really thin, crispy edges just how I like it. And it is normal sized! We don't have to live in the land of diddy sized pizzas, on thick premade bases. Rejoice!

I went with my favourite toppings from salad days (or before the salad days you might say)- pepperoni and mushroom.

It was great.

It was a pizza.

That is all.

Oh, I guess I should mention that there is a Highbury Stingray that does gluten free pizza bases too.

And I should probably also add that they have gluten free pasta (which I obviously didn't try through my pizza-tunnel-vision).

There, now I'm done.