Tuesday 8 January 2013

Burger and Lobster: Feels naughty, but isn't so naughty

Now I have to be honest with you. I may have first gone to Burger and Lobster back in... May? Well since then I have found several excuses as to why I couldn't review it and would have to go back again. Mainly my rubbish photography. "These pictures are too dark", I'd declare. "I guess I have to go back another time." "I look too silly in this photo, one more trip can't hurt." This has since happened on no less than four occasions.



Unhelpful comedy photograph.
Smiling in too much of an idiotic way
This is the time I forgot to take the photo until after I'd eaten it. DOH!

The truth is I love burger and lobster. Namely the lobster. And perhaps it just feels too indulgent on a Tuesday lunchtime to say "I want to go eat a lobster for lunch,"whereas, "I have to get that review of Burger and Lobster done" sounds better. But at £20 for a whole lobster, this is the best value not-so-little crustacean you are going to get pretty much anywhere.

I mean this is just silly. *Shakes head*
Burger and Lobster is a restaurant that serves solely those two items, with sides of salad and fries, in stylish, dimly lit and somewhat sexy interiors and will charge you £20 whatever you choose (making you a winner for choosing the lobster, and a loser for choosing the burger, but hey, that's just my opinion!). That's because with B&L's sheer volume buying power they are able to pass on the discount to you. Also, and I'm not an expert here, but there is a silent equation going on - at any given table of four people at least one is having the burger, having been dragged there by lobster loving friends and having no desire to wrestle the sweet succulent oceanic beasts themselves. Or perhaps they fear looking like a fool trying to handle the claw crackers while wearing a bib. I have no such qualms and find the process delightfully fun and messy, and I haven't a clue what I'm doing. Well I didn't, I'm getting much better at it with practice. And don't you need to keep practising to make perfect (yes, yes you do!!!! Hooray!)?

Finally, a perfect shot. Dammit. 
You can choose how you want the lobster cooked (steamed, grilled) and what sauce you would like with it (garlic butter, naturally). Just mention being gluten free and the salad will come without pesky croutons. If you do want to have the burger I have it on good authority that it is excellent, being made with the highest quality Waygu beef and the patty is 100% gluten free and you can have it "Californian style" with lettuce instead of a bun (I mean, that's practically health food right there, so screw you January detox!).

These new restaurants that boast just one or two things on the menu can work really very well for coeliacs. For example, no other fried foods on the menu (such as onion rings), means that there is no cross-contamination in the deep fat frier - so you can guarantee the chips are gluten free.

Next week, I'm going to tell you all about the latest "one (ordinarily expensive) item on the menu at a great price" restaurant, Flatiron. But, you know what? My pictures from the last two trips just weren't good enough, so I think I owe it to you, dear readers, to have another visit first.

Gluten Free Knowledge: ★★★★
Gluten Free Range: ★★★★
Taste: ★★★★
Atmosphere: ★★★★

Verdict: A bit of crustacean heaven for lobster lovers. And your mate eating the burger will be happy too. 
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