Friday, 5 August 2011

GF Cheap Eats: Stingray Cafe; Classic Italian Pizza... but gluten free!

We have another pizza place to add to the others. Hoorah! In the world of gluten free pizza, Otto's and Hell are being joined by the Stingray Cafe in Tufnell Park.

Remember when you would see a pizza place, casually stroll in, get a pizza with your favourite toppings and think nothing of it? Maybe grab it to takeaway if you didn't fancy eating in? It's like that! I haven't felt that normal in a long time. It's an unassuming cafe; simple, classic and with great pizza.

The gluten free base is perfect - really thin, crispy edges just how I like it. And it is normal sized! We don't have to live in the land of diddy sized pizzas, on thick premade bases. Rejoice!

I went with my favourite toppings from salad days (or before the salad days you might say)- pepperoni and mushroom.

It was great.

It was a pizza.

That is all.

Oh, I guess I should mention that there is a Highbury Stingray that does gluten free pizza bases too.

And I should probably also add that they have gluten free pasta (which I obviously didn't try through my pizza-tunnel-vision).

There, now I'm done.


  1. Had a Mexicana from there today for lunch. Top notch. Thin & crispy base like you said. Had an air of some kind of naan about it, not sure what kind of flour they're using.


  2. I'm sorry to report that I had a rather severe reaction from the pizza at the Highbury location on Saturday. I had the Quattro Stagiano (sp?) option. It was delicious but I spent Saturday night in agony - suffering all of my classic gluten reaction symptoms. Still suffering the effects now (3 days later) actually. I think the part that makes me sad is how they reacted when we called to let them know. They informed us that it was 'impossible' that I had had a reaction from their pizza and were unapologetic. Wish I had gone to the Tufnell Park location as there seems to be no problems there!

  3. Oh dear Liz, I am really sorry to hear that. Did they give you the wrong base? I had that in Australia once - they forgot to note that it was supposed to be a gluten free base! I'd already eaten two slices - boy was I sick. I'm very paranoid about it now and inspect the crust suspiciously and double check until the staff are fed up with me.

    I wonder also if it was perhaps a cross-contamination issue? It was not an issue in Tufnell Park, but perhaps in Highgate the kitchen practices are different. I will give them a call to see how they cook in the kitchen - and that no flour could have gone across.

    I hope you feel better soon, it makes me sad to hear that they made some sort of mistake and were not even sorry!

  4. Cant wait to try it. Finally a place in North Landan innit :)

  5. I went to the highbury one a few weeks ago! They brought my girlfriend a non gluten free pizza, thankfully we questioned it and it was replaced. But I had almost finished mine before she got hers (or it would have just got cold), then following that the menu which said all ice creams are gluten free and it turned out that was no the case!

    Saying that I emailed the restaurant and they found it was a error from the ice cream maker and gave us a voucher for free meal and bottle of wine!

    My girlfriend was also amazed by the pizza! Normally it is so much smaller and tastes much worse!

  6. I would also like to recommend Brushetta in Kingston, on London Road not far from the centre. They provide the entire menu gluten free, including ravioli, and desserts, although I haven't tried the pasta yet. It is a traditional Italian restaurant, looks a bit shabby frim the front (right next to a Kwik Fitt) providing traditional pizzas with light and crispy bases and the garlic bread is delicious. I don't know about the whole cross contamination thing and I don't have very severe reactions like some people here so it's probably best to call and check. Thoroughly recommend.
    Reasonably priced at about a tenner a pizza, eat in or takeaway although avoid a Saturday or Friday night because they get very busy and service is slow. Also my dad had some disappointing prawns.

  7. I contacted Sting Ray and questioned their cross contamination policy. The pizza is GF but they don´t protect the pizza when it goes into the oven; actually they said that they brush the flour of the bottom of the oven.... as if.

    If you are coeliac stay away as they clearly have no clue

  8. The one in Highbury is amazing! They also have gluten free beer now... I've never had a reaction to the pizza there, and I find it weird that you got such a negative reaction from them, as they have been INCREDIBLE to myself and my partner. We even considered having our wedding meal there.

  9. The Gluten free local foodie pizza is very tasty in all the London pizza restaurant.i like this amazing taste of eat in a takeaway any time.

  10. They have a statement on their website that they use the same oven as the regular pizzas:

    That's not very promising.

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