Tuesday 10 November 2009

Hell Pizza: Gluten Free Pizza Heaven!

We all know one of the things us poor coeliacs miss the most is the most delicious of the gluten based guilty pleasures - pizza (along with bread, beer, and well, fried things!).

I'd known of Hell Pizza for a while, but as I live on the other side of town to all three of their restaurants ( Clapham, Shepherd's Bush), I had yet to find the time to make the trek over ('tis a little bit of a trek).

But boy am I glad I did. It was FANTASTIC. Even my non-gf companion had a gluten free base, and said although it did taste slightly different from a conventional one, it was delicious none the less, and scoffed the whole thing.

As I hadn't had a pizza in a long time I played it safe with my pre-celiac days favourite - pepperoni and mushroom. Goodness - just thinking about it now is making me salivate! The base was really thin and crispy, a great texture and a perfect platform for a generous helping of toppings and a great tomato sauce.

My friend went more adventureous, with the "Mayhem" pizza- peanut satay, sweet chilli, chicken, green peppers and onions. Now I understand that that sounds slightly disgusting (it was what I was thinking when she chose it) - but, you know what, it worked! All of the many ingredients are chopped into small pieces so that each mouthful you get the full range of flavours. I was really very impressed and think I ought to put more trust into the hands of the hell pizza genii and their crazy menu ideas next time!

I really wished I lived within their delivery zone - can you imagine? Being able to get a pizza delivery whenever you wanted! Actually, it's probably a very good thing they don't deliver to me, I would gain large quantities of weight very quickly.

The interior is very much like the design of their website - a kind of chic goth look, which I could take or leave. The pizza, however, I'm definitely taking! And at just £5.50 for the smaller snack size, it's terrific value.

Please, all you other pizza places out there - take a lesson from Hell and start making some heavenly gluten free pizzas. (sorry for the pun folks!

UPDATE: It seems that the Fulham Branch has closed!


  1. Lol! Hell Pizza is getting loads of coverage now on the gluten free blogs!
    I tried my first hell pizza about a month ago and was also chuffed with the quality and taste! Luckily I work in Fulham but my flat is definitely not in the delivery area :(
    Let's hope they open up more branches all over all over London soon!

  2. Hi,
    Thanks so much for your comments on the previous post. I will try Hache but they probably fry their spanish onions and falafel, both of which might have flour, in the same frier as the chips. I look forward to your post on tea at the Ritz. I do have a reservation. Thanks again, your blog is wonderful!!! We have a great GF pizza spot here in MN, USA that delivers until 0200. It is a very indulgent treat and yes, you probably are better off being outside the delivery zone.

  3. Hi,i'm from Prato,Italy,i'm planning to be in London at the end of january,i've found your blog very useful,if it's possible I would like to have some information... unfortunately i never been in london and I don't know the distances,i'm tryn' to look up on google maps but,you know,it's not the same thing when knowing the zone properly.

    I don't mind if the hotel has or not gf meal. I'll only be in the hotel for the night(but if u can suggest if u know any)
    I've found the Hotel Edward
    1 Spring Street, Paddington, Westminster 'cause my wife want to stay in the neighborhoods of oxford street,there's any pub,restauraunt or cafe' in that area?
    thank you in advance.


  4. Hi there,

    To sweetpea - I called Hache, and yes, they do fry onion rings in the same frier. I've had the fries there before several times and it's never been a problem, I guess it just depends on how gluten sensitive you are.

    To Dimitri -

    Paddington itself is mostly ethnic restaurants, not that much around there. But you are close to both Notting Hill and Oxford Circus.

    Oxford circus I would recommend Leon at the top of Carnaby Street(www.leonrestaurants.co.uk/restaurants/)as a great place for lunch. Everything is marked if it's gluten free or not.

    In Notting Hill I love the Electric Brasserie (http://tinyurl/akyhs8). It gets very busy so I would recommend booking.

    Good chains you might come across are Strada and Wagamama's.

    And please, NEVER eat at anywhere called Garfunkels or the Aberbeen Angus Steak House. They are truly AWFUL!!!!

    Enjoy your trip!

  5. Aw, huge thanks for the love!
    Neil from HELL Pizza Clapham
    ps. We're on twitter if you want to stay in touch (@HELLClapham)

  6. After making a trip to get me some pizza...looks like Hell has closed all its shops...

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