Friday 30 September 2011

Nopi: Ottolenghi I'm in love!

Having recently experienced the seasonal deli delights of Ottolenghi's in Islington, I was very excited to hear about the opening of his more formal restaurant, though they call it a brassiere, Nopi.

What a beautiful place. It reminded me of a greek toga. All white with little gold trimmings. So peaceful, calming and luxurious, this would come pretty close to what a brasserie in heaven would look like.

I was presented with a gluten free menu (white with a touch of gold, naturally), with that day's menu on. The menu changes with some frequency, as the the food is fresh seasonal fare. It's fantastic that somewhere that changes their menu regularly makes the effort to have a gluten free one that is up to date.

We had a delicious Gruner to drink from Austria, don't knock Austrian Wine, the gruner is an excellent alternative to a sauvigon blanc, crisy and citrusy.

I pretty much wanted to order every single thing on the menu.

When you are bored with all of the french and modern european fare, Nopi is a breath of fresh air. Totally inspired food. Asian and middle eastern influences, with fantastic ingredients and ingenious combinations. The silver mullet could not have been happier than beside a salad of green papaya, mint, mango and peanuts.

The Presa iberica carpaccio with manouri and pine nuts was so pretty and colourful, and didn't need to be chewed, it melted in your mouth that easily. Clean and simple.

Seared prawns with fennel, white oregano and feta blew my mind - hearty yet delicate, such an exciting and addictive mix of flavours I could have licked the pan they were served in.

I'm not a big dessert fan but was tempted by my companion to share a palate cleansing sorbet - Melon and Elderflower. It positively sang and danced in my mouth making me shriek a little in delight. Totally my sort of dessert. Like all the food at Nopi, it was all about clear interesting flavours at their best.

I am now totally addicted and in love, and am plotting on how I can eat Ottolenghi's delights weekly without going broke. If you fancy taking me out to dinner there, let me know. That is, if I ever find my way out of the marvelous mirrored bathroom.
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  1. I went there too and immediately fell in love! Try the octopus the next time you are there - I devoured two orders!!

  2. Nice blog will take the time to read anything :)
    Just a question, i'm very sensitive about gluten and eat products'brand with <20ppm (3pm when i can) so i'm not sure to can eat in these places because of cross-contamination. What do you think i'm wrong? Do you are very sensitive too? Thanks

  3. Hi there, I think that most of the places that I recommend to take great care in their kitchens to avoid cross-contamination. I know that Hell Pizza, for example, and The Soho Hotel have separate prep areas and equipment to avoid any issues.

    I would say that Nopi is the same - but I would recommend phoning any of the restaurants prior to ask them how they deal with cross contamination before you pay them a visit.

    Hope that helps!

  4. Hi, I'm writing an article about eating out with allergies, would you be interested in having a chat about what works and what doesn't? If you're interested, please email me at:


    Pig x

  5. I am traveling to the UK next month and was curious if there were any new pubs that carry gluten free beer? I am going to be in the Millbank London area and have already mapped out some of the other places you've recommended for food.


  6. Keep up your good work! Looking so much forward to visit London after having read your blog. Thanks! Best regards from Denmark ;-))

  7. You rock bro' this's an awesome place.
    I keep a blog about youthness in coeliac disease world too, and i hope to find the gluten free beer in a pub soon here in Italy :)

    I'm workin' on it everyday, it'll be a better world soon.


  8. We are still waiting to visit and only hear good things about
    Nopi and Ottolenghi.

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