Monday, 6 December 2010

GF Cheap Eats: Arepa & Co, The Cornbread House

If you are ever near Camden on the weekend and in need of a quick, inexpensive and tasty bite on the go then head for the Arepa & Co Cornbread house in the Market.

I often wake up on a Sunday morning with nothing but these delicious naturally gluten free stuffed cornbread patties in my head, and I'm not ashamed to say I go out of my way to get my fix.

Arepas are a traditional Venezuelan street food - my choice of filling is the tender shredded beef (that is oh so beefy, don't ask me how or why, it just is beef plus) they are very moorish. The chicken and avocado filling is very tasty also, especially with the hot sauces. But the beef is the winner for me. And all for just £4.... gluten free foodie on-the-go heaven.

Arepa & Co
West Yard
Camden Lock Place
London NW1 8AF


  1. I love arepas, especially those sell at Arepa and Co Cornbread House :)

  2. Just FYI, Arepas are not street food. In Venezuela there are restaurants dedicated to Arepas and Cachapas called "areperas".

  3. Best street food in Camden!