Monday 21 February 2011

GF Cheap Eats: WAGfree bakery cafe and deli

There is something to be said for the simple pleasures in life, those tasty treats that everyone else takes for granted but we miss, and that's what the WAGfree cafe is all about. It was set up by David late last year as he wanted to recreate the foods that he was missing since becoming gluten free a few years ago.

He and fellow purveyor Edward sell freshly made pies, quiches, breads and cakes, all made on the site of their shop in Brixton Market. They even make fresh pasta on the weekend - including stuffed tortellini (if you get to the market before they sell out).

Their pastry is excellent. I got to feel some of the sweet pastry before it had been cooked - I have no idea how he got it to be that smooth (and it's a secret!).

The best thing was the jammie dodger. I had just given up eating foods like that, as replicas were tasteless. It was THE BEST JAMMIE DODGER EVER - sweet smooth biscuit with homemade jam and an almond butter. With a cup of tea - well goodness it just brought out the British in me!

I recommend following them on facebook, as you will get all the updates about what they are making the next day, for example today - "Baby Victoria sponges, chocolate eclairs, raspberry, cherry and ginger cupcakes and rhubarb pies are on tomorrow. We'll also have the usual pies, fresh pasta, bakewells, fruit loaf, brownies, jammie dodgers and our lovely golden bread." They had valentines cakes as well. And, what's this I see, fresh bagels?

Even though the cafe is next to a fish stall, and it can be a bit chilly (this is in February), Brixton market is an interesting eclectic mix of stalls and shops - well worth a snoop around. They also sell a range of GF foods in the shop section; breakfast cereals etc, so it's a sort of gluten free one stop shop.

This isn't fancy foodie food, it's great traditional British staples. If it's a bit of gluten free carbohydrate indulgence you are after, make a little pilgrimage my gluten free lovelies, you won't be disappointed.

Verdict: Cakes and Pastries and Pies, Oh my!


  1. I love this blog - such amazing info. I keep having mental blocks when it comes to my blog, but I have a couple of GF things around London I want to check out, so onwards and upwards! :)

  2. Thanks for the write-up - but time to 'fess up: the jam in the jammie dodgers isn't home-made. We make our own Brixton Bitter marmalade in the shop, and we make raspberry jam at home, but there's too much wildlife on our home-grown raspberries for public consumption.

  3. OMG, fresh filled pasta? That's one of the things I've missed the most in the last 8 years! I'll be visiting straight away, thank you for telling me about this place.

  4. I love WAG free, been going since it opened, the toasted sarnies are really great. But the absolute best thing is the mini black forest gateau and the wagon wheels yummy yum

  5. Also try in the market, they have gluten free buns supplied by WAG, best burger in London!

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  7. WAG is fab - I particularly like the mini Victoria sandwich cakes. Another place to try a few seconds away is Honest Burgers - they are fab.